IT Consulting

The objective of seeking IT consulting services is to stay updated and competitive in marketplace as per the latest technology trends. 21st century businesses owners are often seen searching for such services for adding value to their business

In case you are thinking about hiring an IT consulting firm Jedidiah Consulting remember to check the quality of our work we have done for some other client from your industry.

Technological Services

In the IT industry, technology services are delivered according to business or enterprise requirements. Services range from basic Internet connectivity to enterprise application (EA) software. Technology service providers include Internet service providers (ISP), application service providers (ASP), cloud providers and developers.

Technology services include:

  • Software development, integration and maintenance
  • Hardware
  • Networking integration, management and maintenance
  • Information security (IS)
  • IT management consulting
  • Mobile application
  • Web applications

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Recruitment and HR Service

Our recruiting process beings with defining the position. The specifications of a job need to match the needs of the organization and they need to match the demands of the job market. Once the position is defined, candidate identification and selection can take place. Our recruiting team will work closely with your organization on each of these steps to ensure that you find the talent you need to meet your goals.

Jedidiah Consulting stands out from other HR recruiting firms for our ability to understand a client’s business, define the job requirements, and hone in on the skills necessary for success.